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When you delve into the science behind odor you will find most body odors are created by eccrine and apocrine glands with concentrations in areas like the armpits, palms of our hands, groin area and the soles of our feet. (Not to exclude our mouth or head) The secretions of the eccrine glands are essentially odorless at first…but as we sweat that moist area is conducive to bacteria growth. They also combine with apocrine gland secretions. When these substances combine and bacteria develops- the strong odors develop. Researchers in Germany have discovered that these glands secrete a peptide that has antimicrobial properties strong enough to kill some disease bacteria. A skin safe naturally occurring antimicrobial peptide. We mention this because chemical biocides or heavy metals used by some companies are not generally regarded as skin safe. Some companies that use triclosan , triclocarbon, other chemical biocides or chemical base antimicrobials have labeling cautions against use on skin as they should.

Most hunters are unaware that our body secretions are totally odorless when they first arrive on our skin or that we have 250,000 sweat glands in each foot - that's 500,000 reasons to use an effective foot powder and the reason DDW produces an E2 Powder product to protect against the major odor producing areas like our feet or even the palms of our hands to keep them from giving you away. Our Body Foam when used as directed helps prevent odor causing bacteria from forming long after the shower. Every DDW product takes into consideration that our skin is the human body's single largest organ. A healthy skin is less prone to bacteria and helps minimize odor issues. That's why you will see glycerin or other ingredients built into our formulas. It's not just a bar of soap, it has ingredients to help us maintain healthy skin, protects against chaffing, cracking, dry skin issues and just as important - healthier skin helps our bodies fight bacteria naturally. DDW goes the extra mile investing in higher quality products and ingredients because the science of odor control is a complex multi-faceted challenge. Optimum results are a result of a very detailed approach, using both science and technology to address every cause or take advantage of every beneficial option.

The DDW Powder isn't just for feet. It is a very effective product to use in gloves or the areas where you place your hands to keep them warm. Hand warmers can actually cause a more rapid production and increase secretions from our hands. If we know that occurs it only makes sense to take steps to offset the result like using DDW powder. They will help absorb that moisture, as well as help prevent odor forming bacteria colonies. It's no accident DDW invests more to include glycerin or other ingredients in their formulas to help maintain healthy skin. ScentPrevention™ is a passion based on science, a continuous improvement process. That brings us to another very important point. At DDW we are striving for perfection everyday.
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