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4-Color Face Paint 1255BC
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Our exceptional, patented 4-color Face Paint. The innovative applicator allows you to quickly apply face paint without any mess. Contains 4-colors with up to 70% more Face Paint vs. traditional roll up applicators at a lower retail!

  • 2 applicators-in-one 1 twist up applicator with 3 colors:
    • Brown
    • Green
    • Grey
  • 1 fixed refillable applicator
    • Black
  • Quick on, quick off with no messy fingers!
  • Hypo-allergenic, even for sensitive skin,
  • Won't cake or dry out - Skin Safe
  • Odorless in less than a minute of application
  • Easy to remove from the skin with a moist towel, no residue left behind
  • 2 years of useful life, once open compared to other brands that dry up after a few weeks
  • Convenient size slips into a pack or pocket
  • FDA and EU colorant approvals for domestic and internation sales
  • Year Round Product, Spring or Fall, Turkey or Deer
  • Non-toxic, skin safe

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by Anonymous on October 5, 2016

Actually it's more like I love / hate thing. I love the idea...who could not love the three colors on one end and black on the other ? My problem is with the packaging. I've watched the product videos and notice and audible click when the clear plastic caps are replaced. Maybe I got the occasional bad one but the caps fall off very easily and the black end comes apart the dial. I taped it to keep in together.

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